What people are saying:

"Well done, Jordan! Beautiful!" 

Jonas Mekas, Filmmaker


"This is the World's Foremost Must See Movie. And I say that with some Authority. Courage, compassion and Commitment are packed into its skin, like a kreplach!" 

Maureen Lipman, Actress

"It was a thrilling, funny, touching night at the movies"  

GF Newman, Writer

"If you care about the left, popular culture, and America’s true values, don’t miss this wonderful documentary" 

Louis Proyect


"I feel more like I do now, than when I first got here", quotes Professor Irwin Corey who, after starting in show business in 1938, claims to be The World’s Foremost Authority. Married for over seventy years to his chain-smoking wife, Fran, he is a famous ninety-nine year-old stand-up comedian, performer and political satirist. Legendary comedian, political activist and civil rights advocate Dick Gregory shares his thoughts about Irwin and Susan Sarandon, an old family friend, narrates this gem of a film in a very personal tone. Filmmaker Jordan Stone explores an intimacy rarely caught on camera with such a fascinating untypical New York couple.

Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2013 The People's Film Festival in New York City.

Cinematography by Gerald Wenner
Edited by Stuart Greenwald
Original Music Soundtrack by Sacha Puttnam
Filmed in New York City and Washington,DC

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Narrated by Susan Sarandon
and with Dick Gregory sharing...

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Broadcasting on AllArts.tv
5th November 2020
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Broadcasting on WLIW 21
25th September 2020


1st September 2020
Premiering on AllArts.org

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9th May 2016
26th July 2015 at 11pm

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Bolzano, Italy Film Club
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18th UK Jewish Film Festival, London
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Spazio Oberdan, Milan Italy
7th October 2014 
Riverside Studios, London, UK
10th July 2014
Milan, Italy
14th April 2014 
Cinema Mexico
New York City, NY
24/25/26/27 April 2014
Anthology Film Archives
Riverside Studios, London, UK
January 2014
The People's Film Festival
May 2013
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